Rear wheels Triglav with brake for Large Mondle

VAT included

Rear wheels are attached on movable arms and connected with stabilizating rod, the same as car wheels. Gear has from production set Ackermans angle, so there is no skewing. Rear wheels carry whole weigh, which normaly need carry up user of Mobarrow. Weigh on front wheel is same as on “one wheel Mobarrow”, so there is good contact drive wheel with ground and user need carry 0% of weigh. Now with mechanical brake for stop and fix Mobarrow on hill or in difficult terrain.


Wheel: with tube, bantam – dia. Of wheels 32 cm, width wheels 10 cm
External distance of wheels: 100 cm
could be add to all models of Mobarrow except Large Mondle

From a reason of compability with your version of Mobarow, during your order fill serial number of your Mobarrow to note of order “serial number”.


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