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Timber Support

Additional equipment, which holds a wood on Mondle in front, so center of gravity, is on front wheel.

CZK990.00 Price

Extension for crates

Extension for crates is fixing to Trundle Extension, crates are put to construction and there aren’t change, to drop-off during transport.

CZK1,785.00 Price

Trundle Extension

It is fixed on Mobarrow frame with 6 screws, it is prefect for work in forest, transport of wood and other baggy load which are not suit to normal bin. All bins and extensions are mutually exchangeable except extension for the beekeeper 1 and extension for crates.

CZK2,227.00 Price

Extension for beekeepers

Extension for beekeepers is fixed to frame with 6 screws. Option to carry up two hives in same time. 

CZK2,820.51 Price