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Ground Drill

When you want build fence, plant tree, or build something, ground drill is perfect choice for you. It will save you a lot of time and hard work. Drilled ground you can load right to Mobarrow.

CZK10,999.00 Price

Set to lifting of heavy loads

Set is contains from tripod on top of which is handle head with a ratchet jack. Using a set of chains (are included in the set), is able fix a heavy load (stone, rock, covers, logs, etc.), up to weight 1 tonne to high 1 meter. Legs of tripod are able to make shorter of longer with extensions (are included in the set).

CZK17,990.00 Price

Towing Vehicle

Perfect for transporting of trailers on short distance and in small cramped space. Safety break is situated as STOP belly button with half-second reverse drive.

CZK21,990.00 Price

Mobarrow Living Balk

Mobarrow Living Balk - this has two 2 wheel sections. The lead powered section has two 300 watt motors - and as in the Extra Power has constant speed control and the fail safe electrical braking system and pushes /pulls the second section.

The articulation of the unit makes it awesomely manoeuvrable in tight spaces and slopes. We used this to haul 16 foot long 20 inch diameter logs out of dense forest where even the poor old horse had failed.

CZK34,990.00 Price