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Transport platform City Clean Long

Transport platform City Clean long, is longer version City Clean, has 3 wheels and classic Mobarrow motor 300 W with wide tire 16 cm. On platform is possible load stuff, which is not fit to classic Mobarrow – up to eight classic garden boxes and much more. Transport platform is also suitable for rugged terrain.

CZK19,990.00 Price

Jumbo Double 2x300W

Transport platform Jumbo Double has two front wheels with wide tire 16 cm, each has own motor 300 W. It is the strongest model of Mobarrow, which can carry up 400 Kg. His quality will be appreciated during transport of bulky and heavy stuff as grass, compost, feed mixture, hay, straw, biological waste etc. So all hard work do instead of you accumulate electricity.

CZK43,990.00 Price