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Mobarrow Standard

This is the basic model with 100 l zinc-coated bin with thickness of 0,8 mm or 1,0 mm. Mobarrow is perfect for work around a house, yard, garden, farm, construction or industry.

CZK12,890.00 Price

Mobarrow SOFT

This is the basic model with crazy look and 80 L bin from extremely resistant plastic, designed mainly for woman.

CZK13,450.00 Price

Mobarrow Small Mondle

Basic model Klasik with trundle extension is perfect around a house, yard, garden and especially in forest, where is perfect helper with logging and transport of wood. You can create Small Mondle from each variant Mobarrow, you need only add trundle extension. So you can have Small Mondle Power or Extra Power too.

CZK14,480.00 Price

Mobarrow Fishing

Fishing or Mobarrow fisherman has a classic motor 250 W from Mobarrow with 10 or 16 cm wide wheel. You fold the platform in just 2 minutes, then just tranfer the load from the car and continue through the terrain to the place of fishing. Mobarrow Fishing is suitable for fishermen, hunters, orchards, winemakers technical services, etc.

CZK17,990.00 Price

Mobarrow Large Mondle

This model has bigger frame and larger loading area with lower bed height for easier loading, wider span on support legs giving better stability. Thanks wider handles you need by 15% lees power to lift and manipulation is easier. Large Mondle is perfect around a house, yard, garden and especially in forest, where is perfect helper with logging and transport of wood. This model has stronger 300W motor (same as in Mobarrow Power and Extra Power).
Electronic brake is not part of this model, in case of interest it is necessary order it.

CZK17,990.00 Price

Mobarrow POWER

Belongs to Profi series, this model is equipped with motor power 300 W (it is four-pole and has by approx. 50% higher torque), 100 L zinc coated bin with thickness 1,0 mm, electronic break and wide tire. Mobarrow Power is excellent and tireless helper as a classic Mobarrow, with the difference; it is stronger, more robust and has electric brake.

CZK17,999.00 Price

Mobarrow Extra Power

Belongs to Profi series. All parameters are same as Mobarrow Power and additional continuous speed control forward and reverse drive.

CZK22,999.00 Price

Mobarrow Herkules

This is the strongest model of Mobarrow. The model is equipped with a 400 W motor, 100 l galvanized body with a thickness of 1 mm, a wide tire, of course, continuous regulation and reverse. Mobarrow HERKULES is universally usable in the field of communal services, construction, horticulture, arboriculture, on the farm, in other industries, but also for work at home. As the strongest model, it can handle any terrain

CZK27,990.00 Price